How to Hook (Curl) a Bowling Ball Like a Pro

The mistake many bowlers make is that they try to move their wrist in full force or swing their hands and what this does is affects the speed and accuracy of your hit. Hooking is a very important technique that will determine how good your game score will be. 

How to hook your bowling ball like a pro? A professional hook involves revolution and rotation forces. To do this you have to hook the ball with your fingertip, your ring and middle finger inserted up until the knuckles while your thumb goes all the way in.

How to Perfect your Pro Hooking Technique

To perfect the hooking technique, you will be required to practice consistently and also be determined. But don’t worry, as you continue reading you will see the step-by-step process of how to achieve this.

Like we mentioned earlier, a professional hooking technique will require just two forces, rotation, and revolution.

Step 1: Holding the ball

You need to grip the ball with your fingertip to get a good hook. In this grip, your ring and middle fingers are inserted in until the knuckle while your entire thumb is put in.

This is a better grip technique than the former one of inserting your entire fingers up until the third of the second joint. This makes it difficult for you to control the ball’s action.

2. Removing your thumb

If it is your first time bowling you already have a comfortable technique for releasing the ball, continue with this technique. However, if you want to know how I do mine like a pro the first thing is to get your thumb out from the ball. This step should be simultaneous with your foot’s final step.

This step is very important for a great shot as your index and middle fingers are controlling the hook. Leaving your thumb inside the ball for an extended period will make it harder to control.

3. Lifting your finger

The next thing that will happen after your thumb is out is that the ball’s weight is transferred to the fingers. You should then proceed to remove the ring and middle fingers. For left-handed people do this clockwise while right-handed persons should do it anti-clockwise.

This motion should be natural and swift and should be at the bowling ball side. You can call this a finger lift technique and what it does is that the ball will have more force allowing a controllable shot. This is by far better than dropping the ball weakly on the lane.

4. Follow through the hook

Swing your arms forward target your pin, this movement resembles a handshake. This perfect release is a combination of revolution and side rotation. The bowling ball will go down the bowling lane in a straight motion before it takes on a side rotation.

With these steps, your bowling game is about to get to the pro level but remember that you need to get on those lanes and begin practicing this until you get it right. The steps mentioned here are fundamental and good enough to put you on a good start but you will have to make your adjustments and tweaks to fit your style.

Why You Need to Hook Your Bowling Ball like a pro

If your shot will score you a high mark then your curling technique must be very good as this will give you more good strikes. While it is possible to get good shots in with a straight shot technique, the most reliable way is through the hook. Most professional bowlers became so by using this technique.

The hook or curl pattern enables your ball to hit the target pins with a fuller force and as a result of its spinning, you will have more strikes. It doesn’t matter if the target is hit precisely or not.

Things to Look Out for When Bowling

Asides from getting a good hooking technique there are other conditions that you will have to look out for to give you a good overall outcome.

The lane condition – observe the lane to see if it is in a good condition. normally the staff won’t let you use the lane if the condition is bad but just in case you need to keep an eye out for yourself.

Eye target: I have observed that many bowlers set their eyes on the pin instead of on the arrows, foul line, and dots. Just by changing your eye target, your bowling result will be very much better.

Bowling Etiquette

Having the proper bowling etiquette is essential and will distinguish you from the non-pros out there. And the good thing here is that etiquette is not difficult.

The first etiquette is not standing on the approach. This is the wooden designated area for standing when you are about to throw in your shot. You should only come here to bowl and not while waiting or talking. Also, make sure to return to your former location as soon as your ball hits your pins.

Another thing to take note of is learning to wait for your turn. Allow others to get their shot before you step on the approach. Your balls should also be yours. As simple as this is, you may be surprised to know that some bowlers use the ball of others without even asking, this is very bad and should not be encouraged.

Finally, do not shout or yell while bowling, and do not kick your call. There should be no taunting or mockery. Throw one ball per time and do not hit your pin sweeper.

In Summary

To be a professional you must be well rounded and this involves getting the right hooking technique and also developing the right etiquette. It does not matter what level you are currently with constant practice you will move from a struggling bowler to a professional in no time.