Reasons Why Bowling Balls Crack and Ways to Stop the Splitting

Cracking bowling balls have been a common issue for many bowling enthusiasts. There are many reasons why this happens, but there are also measures that you can take to stop it from happening.

One common reason why bowling balls crack is temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your ball at a temperature below 125 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best to always check the manufacturer’s recommendation. Bowling balls are made from various substances. When they contract and expand, the resin evaporates which leads to cracking.

You can prevent this by putting your ball in a plastic bag, sealing it up very tightly, and placing a little twist so that it will not be exposed to air.

It also helps to buy a ball from a reputable brand and check for flaws to ensure that you are getting a quality product.

Reasons Why Bowling Balls Break

One reason for cracking bowling balls is humidity. Too much or lack of humidity can cause cracking. Nevertheless, there is still no dependable evidence for this. To keep your ball’s life longer, it is best to keep it at an optimum and safe temperature. Keeping 40% to 50% humidity in your ball’s storage is ideal.

Most professional bowlers believe that not turning the ball for some time can cause cracking. Nevertheless, you ought to turn your ball every week. There can be too much stress at a single point if you do not rotate it for too long.

Temperature also plays a huge role in bowling balls cracking. When bowling balls are exposed to extreme heat or cold, it can trigger cracks. Therefore, you must not store your balls in areas such as your garage or car trunk since the temperatures in these drastically change.

Another leading cause for bowling balls cracking is a manufacturing defect. There are 3 parts to a bowling ball: the filler, the coverstock, and the core. Some complain that the coverstock of their ball is thinner compared to others. If this is the case with your ball, it will cause it to crack.

Gravity can also contribute to the cracking of bowling balls. Thus, you should ignore the effect of gravity. Failing coverstocks is commonly caused by gravity as the gravity of the earth pulls the compact mantle when you keep your bowling ball on flat surfaces such as on the floor.

The core is compact, similar to a rock, while the coverstock is elastic. When your bowling ball is in the same position for a long period, the same pressure from the coverstock and the core supporting can overwhelm the ball, which makes it the reason for the coverstock to fail.

The drilling hole that is very near the pin can also cause cracking of the ball. You have to ensure that the pin has a 1-inch distance from the holes. You can place a pin in the middle of the hole if you need to place the pin near the hole.

Steps in Stopping and Removing the Splitting

If the crack does not go around the ball, you can still prevent it from splitting further by repairing it. Before doing that, here are some of the things you need:

  • First Glue
  • Second Glue
  • Bowling Ball Polish
  • Masking Tape
  • Sanding Pad
  • Storage Cup


Cleaning Near the Ball’s Crack

You need to clean the area of the ball where the crack is. If you see something from the break, you can use tissue paper, a small toothpick, or anything similar to clean it. You can use isopropyl or ethanol alcohol to remove the grease. Get a toothbrush to use to clean the groove.

You have to make sure to remove all the dirt. Once the ball is clean, the splitting can then be fixed.

Use the Tape

Use some of the masking tapes and place them all over the crack over the ball on both sides. However, you need to make sure not to cover the crack with tape.

Combine the First and Second Glue Proportionally

It is time to get the glues and mix half of each. You need to apply the mixture within 4 minutes after preparation. If not, the glue will become dry.

Fill the Cracks Using the Glue Mixture

Now, it is time to fill the cracks with a glue mixture. You need to wear rubber gloves since you will push them down using your finger. You can also use your finger to smoothen the surface.

Gradually Remove the Tape

It’s now time to place your ball in the cup. After that, you just need to let it sit for 24 hours so that the glue can dry up completely. Slowly remove the tape and check if the ball no longer has any cracks.

Smoothen the Surface of the Ball

Though it seems done, there are other things you need to do. The surface of the ball does not have the same smoothness as the new ones. You need to run your finger on the seam and check if there are raised parts on the seam. You can use a bladed tool such as a razor and scrape it around until you get a smooth exterior.

If you want to make it smoother, you can utilize 1,000 grit or more sandpaper or a sanding pad. You can work with it to scrape across the line. Then, polish it using rubbing alcohol or ball polishers.


Finally, you don’t need to worry too much if you see your bowling ball splitting since you have a better understanding of why it happens. You just need to take note of the steps on how to prevent splitting so that your ball will be as good as new.

After fixing it, you can still use it to play until you decide to purchase a new one. If the crack is too deep, it is advisable not to fix it on your own and go to a pro bowling shop and have it repaired or exchanged.