How Many Darts Majors Are There?

The highlight for darts professionals is to make it to the majors. Winning a tournament will skyrocket your career to the peak and also leave you with a huge sum of a cash gift.

How many darts majors are there?

There are five major darts.

  1. Skybet Matchplay World
  2. Speedy Hire Open UK
  3. Grandprix
  4. McCoy’s Premier Darts League
  5. Global Championship

Darts History 

Darts is an established old game that has been around since the 1900s. it quickly grew to become a very popular global sport. It is believed that the game of darts is rooted in archery. If you examine the earliest dartboard types, you will notice their similar concentric targets which are miniature archery forms.

It took many years before darts were legally accepted and the general public allowed to play them. Darts championship was set up and this further encouraged the professional growth of the game. During the war, darts sport was also affected along with other kinds of sport. After the war, darts returned to being a favorite pastime amongst the working class. Pub goers loved it.

How Many Darts Majors Are There?

The game of darts has been growing at different levels. It has almost become the sport’s pinnacle, catching the attention of the global audience. Just like the game of golf and tennis, the professional darts corporation has various prestigious tournaments which are termed ‘majors.’

There are five of these majors, they include:

  1. Skybet Matchplay World
  2. Speedy Hire Open UK
  3. Grandprix
  4. McCoy’s Premier Darts League
  5. Global Championship

1. Global Championship

This championship is naturally the most popular event in the darting world. It is held in London at Alexandra Palace during the festive periods at the end of the year. The tournament continues until the next year. 

It is played in the format of sets and legs. With each passing year, this game grows in popularity and has fast become the most looked upon world darts event. The ultimate prize for this championship is 200,000 Euros. 

2. McCoy’s Premier Darts League

Although McCoy is new to the darts world it is very popular and exciting. Only eight participants are allowed to contest each year. The best four according to the game standards will get joined by wild-cards. 

This tournament is played in a round league robin table over fourteen weeks. The timing of this game is during springtime in different areas of the UK. 

3. Speedy Hire Open UK

This is a very anticipated event in darting. It is contested during June and is completely open without seedings. What this means is that the best participants can play at a different point with each other. 

A popular and unique feature for this tournament is the participants’ ability to enter qualifiers which allows some amateur participants to make the final mark. This game was nicknamed “FA darts cups” after the England soccer tournament where the upsets have been occurring regularly each year.

4. Skybet Matchplay World

This is said to be the second-largest darting event and is very popular amongst fans. It is usually held in July, a peak time in the summer months. The venue for this game is Blackpool, an English seaside place. 

5. Grand World Prix

This annual tournament is held every October. Darts fans earmark this event on their calendar and it is held in a very exciting city. The tournament format is a set of different numbers with notoriously short opening rounds. A big twist in this tournament that it a unique touch is each leg begins with a double hit both in and out. 

How To Improve Your Darts Games Ahead of a Tournament?

1. Learn the rules 

If your dart skills will be sharpened ten you must learn its rules and abide by them. Doing this will reduce the chances of you getting disqualified from the game or getting penalties while playing. If you are preparing for a tournament know the different game types as this knowledge will be very useful in the competition. 

2. Get Your Scores

Professional dart players are well aware of the scoring pattern at different levels. You should be able to score your match yourself. Scoring darts is not hard at all, as long as you can count then handling darts will be very easy. Your scoring can be ranged from one to twenty. 

Always ensure that you double-check every work as you do not want to score incorrectly. Incorrect scores may cost your tournament. When you can cover your bases then you are more likely to get a great dart match. 

3. Perfect your stance

To get the best dart throw then you must get your release accurately. This will take a lot of practice to master. There are three stances you must note; the forward stance angled stance and side stance. A forward stance is more difficult to perfect. Know what works best for you and get it right. 

4. Aim higher

Improving your accuracy will also enhance your aim. Set new goals and practice to get them. Improved eye-to-hand coordination and accuracy will help you become a pro quickly. There are ways to improve this coordination without necessarily playing darts. For instance, playing with balls will help. 

5. Know your style

Your ability to understand darts style depends on how much you engage in the game. You are the only one that can recognize your weaknesses and strengths. Getting a friend to evaluate you will also become more aware of what areas you need to work on. 

Note your mistake and correct them. If you have an issue with accuracy then pick out a particular dashboard spot for practice. This will help you meet the mark and prepare you for victory at the tournament. 

6. Put in practice time

The best dart players win because they work hard for it. There is no chance of you succeeding at the game without practice. The more you practice the better you will become. Repeating the steps will make you see the necessary improvement. You can also play the complete games as another strategy. 

Amongst the many advantages of practice is that it builds your mental capacity. Repeated practice will build your confidence and makes you more comfortable. The positive experiences while you practice will push you forward. 

7. Get the appropriate gear

Right gear is an essential part of most sports and darts are no different. You need quality gear for practice. There are many options to pick from at an affordable process. You should purchase yours at online stores like Amazon. 

8. The correct set-up

After getting your gear, the next thing to consider is your setup. If your dartboards are not well set up this will affect your game. Learn how to properly set up your dart during your practice time. Chance is that during the competition, the dartboards will already be set up so you will not have to bother about it. 

9. Minimize the noise

A quiet dartboard arena will increase your fun. It also reduces distraction greatly. In the game of darts, you will have to be very mentally focused so look for quiet places. A noisy play arena may make you lose concentration. Also, there are safety implications with the game of darts so you don’t want to get anyone seriously injured. 


The game of darts is not only exciting but can be very lucrative. This game has so much potentials for those who take it seriously. If you are a young passionate player then you should aspire to have made it to any of the darts major. The five majors are held at different locations in different seasons.