How Old Do You Need to Be to Play Darts?

I often play darts with my friends and family at home, and our kids are usually present to watch the game and cheer us on. Of course, sometimes, they want to play too. So, if you are like me, who has kids and enjoys playing darts at home, I’m sure you would like to know the answer to “how old do you need to be to play darts.”

There’s no age requirement for darts. However, 8 to 10 years old is the ideal range to teach kids the game. Dart clubs have no minimum age for kids to start playing. Some allow kids as young as 6 to play, but adults should supervise the game and ensure that they don’t hurt anyone. Kids 8 years old and below can start practicing using soft tips pins.

If you came late in liking the game and you are at a not-so-young age, don’t worry; darts is a pretty open game, and age is not a significant factor. In fact, players from any age group can learn and have fun playing the game.

How Soon Can You Play Darts?

Regardless of age, safety is a significant factor to consider when learning how to play darts. While kids can sometimes be pretty insistent on getting a chance to throw their pins, you must first assess their motor skills and maturity.

However, we know that children develop at a different pace, so as adults, we are the ones to decide the right time to teach our kids how to play.

Darts are an excellent sport for anyone. It teaches a lot about focus and, team play, and discipline. Kids can even brush up on their mathematics by having a fun practice adding up their scores. In addition, the sport is an excellent way for kids to learn the value of sportsmanship, responsibility, and respect.

Suppose you are in your 20s and have no experience playing darts. In that case, you can always start playing as it is never too late to learn and enjoy the game. In fact, one great thing about this game is that it has no age or gender restrictions. Therefore, anyone can play the game.

You can start by learning the game’s rules and getting your own set of dartboard and pins for practice. You can also join dart clubs in your area to learn more about playing techniques and strategies from other players.

If you think you have the talent, you can take it to the next level by joining tournaments. Who knows, you may even qualify as a professional darts player.

How to Safely Play Darts?

Although darts are generally considered a safe sport, there is still a possibility that someone will get injured while playing or watching the game. In fact, throughout the years, there are reported minor injuries involved in the sport.

Suppose you are a recreational player and play darts at home with your kids. In that case, you can safely play the game without causing injury by keeping in mind these practical tips.

  • Never allow your toddlers to play with the pins, whether it’s a soft or steel pin. Dart pins can cause severe injuries to very young children when they poke others or themselves in different parts of the body, particularly the eyes.
  • Young beginners should use soft tip darts and boards because it is safer than the steel-tipped pins. Soft darts and boards are made of plastic with smaller pins and holes and are less likely to cause serious injury when they accidentally hit someone.
  • Younger kids must always be supervised by adults and older children when playing darts.
  • Keep your darts set in a secure place out of children’s reach, and never leave darts lying around. Children can choke if they put it in their mouth.

To play the game safely while having fun, here are some guidelines you can follow.

What Equipment Do You Need to Play Darts?

Because darts is a simple game, you only need the basics to start playing. In fact, all you need to have is your dartboard, a set of 3 darts, your scoreboard, and a throw-line.

Younger kids can start by playing with a magnetic dartboard with elastic dart pins as a safety precaution for kids.

Although these sets may look and feel like toys, once they have enough skills and are responsible enough to play with real darts, you can slowly let them play with actual dart tools.

Most avid players have the traditional bristle dartboard that needs steel tip darts. At the same time, electronic dartboards are becoming more and more popular for both beginner and intermediate players.

Electronic dart tools automatically keep track of each player’s score, making scoring more convenient.

Deciding on what dart pins to use is also of utmost importance. For example, soft tip pins are more suitable for new players, while steel pin darts are more appropriate for intermediate and professional players.

In addition, serious and professional players go to specialty stores that allow clients to try and play with the set before purchase the best set that suits their playing style.

On the other hand, all other equipment is used to enhance a player’s playing style and overall playing experience. However, these added gears and apparatus are optional.

Wrap Up

Playing darts can be a fun way to bond with friends and family. As a relatively inexpensive and straightforward game to play, it is also an excellent sport to teach your children, even those as young as 6 to 10 years old.  It can teach them various skills, such as sportsmanship, patience, and even discipline.