How to Score Darts: The Complete Guide

If you are new to the game of darts, you are probably wondering how to score. There are different types of darts game, and how you score will depend on the game you are playing.

So, how do you score in darts? The dartboard is subdivided into various sections that include the single section, double sections, and triple section. The single ring will earn you one point, the double ring will earn you double points, and the triple ring will you triple points. Each player is allowed to throw three darts at any turn, with the maximum possible score for any turn being 180.

However, you want to keep in mind that the scoring method will depend on the type of game.

What is the Basic Application of Scoring Darts

To know how to score darts, you first need to understand the scoring or numbering sequence. A general rule of scoring in the game of darts is by checking the dartboard position.

The dartboard features 20 sections which are divided into numbers. It is named from 1 to 20 where high numbers are surrounded by low numbers. These numbers are not arranged in any order and are used to penalize misses.

On the dartboard, there is the double ring, tripe ring, and bull’s eye. Each section has numbers that will earn you certain points. The most outer section is known as the outer ring which is thin line with red and green colors.

The following section is the treble ring which is between the double and the bull’s eye. Hitting this section will earn you triple times the number. In the middle section is the bull’s eye section which features a red dot. This innermost ring can earn you 50 points. The bull’s eye also includes the outer section which is green in color and can earn you 25 points.

How to Play and Score in 501 Darts

501 is a standard game where the player’s score is deducted from 501 until it is reduced to exactly zero. One way to play this game is by players shooting at the bull’s eye and the player that hits closest to the bull’s eye gets the privilege of throwing first or choosing when they will throw.

The other method is by tossing a coin to determine the player that will shoot first. The third method is by players shooting darts on the dartboard, in which the players are organized depending on who shoots first.

The rule of this game is for players to start with a score of 501 and their points are then subtracted from their overall score after each turn. For instance, if you throw three darts and earn 48 as your overall score for that turn, your score will be 453.

It is also important to know that the points you earn will depend on where you hit. For instance, you will earn a single point when you hit the single area, double points in a double area, and triple points when you hit the treble area.

The best way to score well in the 501 darts game is to hit the treble as it helps you decrease your score to zero much quicker than when you hit a single area.

How to Score Darts Cricket

When it comes to playing darts cricket, you need to score three points using the numbers 15 to 20. This means that hitting 1 to 14 will not add to your scores. There are numerous ways to play this type of darts, and you need to achieve two objectives for you to win.

The first objective is to close all your numbers by scoring three points on the number between 15 and 20. To win the game, you also need to score more points than your opponents.

Typically, there are three ways to score your number. If you hit the treble area, you get three points and two points if you hit the double area with a dart. Hitting the single area will only earn you one point. For instance, if you close on number 15, hitting the single area will earn your 15 points, hitting the double area will earn you 30 points, and hitting the treble area will earn you 45 points.

Something else that you should know about playing cricket darts is that you can only earn points on a number up to when your opponent closes on that number. For instance, if you and your opponent both close on 15, none of you can earn more points on that number.

The other rule is that you must attain more points compared to your opponent’s so you can be allowed to close on your last numbers. This means that for you to become a winner, you must continue to earn more points than your opponent.

How to Score Darts Physically

Scoring points on a dartboard may vary depending on the game you intend to play. Other than scoring darts on the dartboard, you also need to know how to record your scores. You can either do this on a scoreboard, on paper, or app.

Recording your scores on a scoreboard is the most basic way of keeping your darts scores. When it comes to scoring on the scoreboard or chalkboard, the scores of the players are listed on a scoreboard by a Chalker.

This is a popular method of darts scoring and is a good way to access how you score. Ultimately, your score on the scoreboard will keep on changing depending on the type of dart games you are playing.

The other way to record darts scores physically is by using the scoring sheet. The score sheets vary with the type of game. Unlike in scoreboards, your scores in scoresheets will remain the same. The purpose of a scoresheet is to make the entire scoring process easy for you.

Another alternative for scoring your goals is the scoring app. With scoring apps, you can record your scores up to 2501 dart games. However, most scoring apps can only be used for cricket or 01 games.