Can You Play Disc Golf In the Rain?

Disc golf is a fun outdoor sport both for professional and recreational players, especially during sunny days. But as someone who has been playing disc golf for years, we have gathered some insights about how my game performance can be affected by bad weather and rain.

So, can you play disc golf in the rain? Like other outdoor sports, disc golf is highly dependent on outdoor elements. When it rains, it will be harder for players to get a tight grip on discs, causing them to miss a good catch. Thus, it is a disadvantage for players if they don’t know how to play with wet discs.

How to keep your discs dry?

For some players, rainy rounds have always been a big issue and a roadblock. Even trained disc golf athletes find it hard to throw the disc into the air when they do not have a tight grip. So, to avoid or counter these roadblocks, you need to use these essential accessories to keep your discs dry.

Secure a disc golf bag 

One of the most effective means of dealing with this concern is protecting your discs from getting direct contact with heavy rain. This is the purpose of a disc golf bag. These bags are made to protect discs from getting completely wet and soaked in rainwater. Some disc golf trainers highly recommend securing these bags if you are serious about entering tournaments.

There are actually lots of disc bags to choose from in the market. Some bags make the best disc rainfly at a very affordable price, while some can be too expensive for their material. Some rainfly bags are considered to be advanced equipment pieces as they are crafted from neodymium magnets and waterproof nylon fabrics. 

Rain flies are attached over the bag’s front in order to provide a dependable dry shelter for all your discs. In fact, there are several high-quality and durable rain flies available in physical and online shops.

You may find them in MVP, ZUCA, and Dynamic. However, not all of them are interchangeable. Thus, make sure that you’re getting the one that fits your bag. Moreover, a rainfly should be purchased as a separate accessory. 

Use a towel

Even though you have the most durable and high-quality rainfly, your discs may still get wet as soon as you expose them to the atmosphere. They may still get wet every time you bring them out and hurl them into the air. That is why securing a few high-quality towels for your disc is a must. 

This essential disc golf accessory is one of the tools that can put you in a favorable position during rainy rounds. When you have secured a towel for yourself while your opponent has none, it might contribute to your chances of scoring higher. One of the most recommended disc towels in the market is FlighTowel. 

This disc golf towel is a microfiber fabric that is combined with a disc fob. Microfiber is a perfect material for wiping and drying wet surfaces because it is highly absorbent and dense. It can also last an entire wet round (only if the rain isn’t too heavy). Polyvinyl acetate or PVA is another excellent material for disc golf towels. It stays almost dry even when it is saturated.

How to play with a wet disc?

That’s a good question. Knowing how to play an outdoor sport regardless of the current weather condition and even without towels and disc bags will put you on an advantage against your opponents. Because disc golf and other outdoor sports have always been at the mercy of external elements such as the heat of the sun, strong winds, and rain, you better prepare yourself for it.  

Experienced trainers and coaches who have experienced numerous instances wherein they are forced to pursue the tournament with a wet disc have shared some of their sentiments. They agreed with other players that wet discs could undoubtedly put them at a disadvantage during tournaments. Thus, here are some tips from experienced players on how to succeed in disc golf even when it’s raining. 

Adjust your training routines

Water can always make the disc slippery, and this factor is out of your control. Thus, only focus on factors that you can control— such as your routines. Instead of training during sunny days or warm seasons, you have to train yourself when it’s raining heavily outside. Aside from training your grip, a rainy day can also allow you to practice all by yourself.

Expectedly, no disc golf players will play outside when the rain is pouring hard. You will most likely have the golf course to yourself. After getting used to playing with a wet disc, you will no longer worry about experiencing wet rounds during tournaments.

Never minimize your expectations

During rainy rounds, most players, including your opponents, will be tempted to lower their expectations. They will think that their opponents (including you) cannot perform any better with a wet disc. By being complacent, there’s a possibility that their performance level will also decline.

Letting poor weather conditions make you feel relaxed and less effortful during wet tournament rounds can be a huge mistake. You still have to score well— even during windy days too. Don’t make these external factors an excuse for losing. Instead of being complacent, continue to perform with full energy even when the rain is pouring. 

Final thoughts

Most disc golf players can’t hold on to wet discs. Players find it extremely frustrating whenever they try to play during storms. There are also times where the disc just slips right through their hands. Their lack of ability to get a tight grip on to discs can be a big disadvantage to most players during rain rounds.

In order to put yourself in a favorable position, you have to train yourself during unfavorable weather conditions. Also, don’t forget to drink water even during rainy rounds. Most players forget to drink fluids or hydrate themselves just because the rain is pouring down. In that way, you can pursue the game and perform effectively, rain or shine.