Can You Play Disc Golf with a Regular Frisbee?

Perhaps you have a dog that you love playing with or just enjoy playing frisbee with your friends and family. Apart from recreational activities such as playing catch or playing fetch, some sports involve frisbees known as disc golf.

Can you play disc golf using a regular frisbee? You can play disc golf using a regular frisbee if you’re not playing competitively. This is because regular frisbees are only meant for shorter distances and travel differently to disc golf discs. However, you may still use regular frisbees if you wish but must understand they behave differently.

Disc Golf Explained

Perhaps you have heard of regular golf. In traditional golf, you use clubs and golf balls and attempt to land them in holes. Similarly, in a game of disc golf, the basics and rules are essentially the same. The only difference is that instead of using golf balls and clubs, you use a frisbee, usually known as a disc.

In disc golf, your goal is to throw the disc as close as possible to a basket. After that, you pick up the disc and then throw it again towards the basket. Your aim is to reach the basket with as few throws as possible. 

If there are trees or shrubs in the location, the game will be more challenging. Therefore, just as disc golf and regular golf have the same rules, they also share the same frustrations and joys. Landing a long golf shot brings about the same joy as landing a long shot in disc golf.

Despite their similarities with regular golf, they also have some differences. First, you do not need to have a golf cart since you will only be using Frisbees.

There are also different types of discs you can use for long-distance throws, short distance throws, shots that curve to the right or left, and shots that roll on the ground.

Disc golf is also easier to learn and can be played by people of all ages. It is also considered more affordable than regular golf for various reasons. 

This sport can be played by almost anyone as long as they can successfully throw the disc. This sport is ideal for family games, hangouts with friends, or simply improving fitness by playing a sport. 

What Discs Should You Use for Frisbee Golf?

You will need a mid-range, a driver, and a putter disc. There are a total of three required discs for frisbee golf. They are actually smaller than regular frisbees. However, they are more rigid and more compact.

However, people often ask, “If you only need a frisbee to play disc golf, can you then use a regular frisbee such as the one you use for playing catch with your dog?”

This is a popular question among beginner players of disc golf and those who are interested in and are planning to learn how to play disc golf. 

The short answer to this is no because of several reasons. The main reason is that regular frisbees are meant to be thrown across a shorter distance. This makes it suitable for recreational activities, such as playing catch with your friend or your dog.

Frisbees used for disc golf are not meant to be caught but are intended to be thrown across relatively long distances. 

To put it into perspective, here’s a video that further explains the concept. It’s similar to the idea of driving a go-kart on the highway.

Go-karts used for rides in amusement parks are not meant to go fast and are simply not meant to be driven on the highway.

This is the same case with using regular frisbee in disc golf. It is for this reason that I wouldn’t recommend using a regular frisbee to play disc golf. However, this is not the only reason.

The Differences Between a Disc in Disc Golf and a Regular Frisbee

Most of us are accustomed to seeing in parks known as Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee, made by the toy company called Wham-O Toy.

This type of frisbee weighs approximately 175 grams and is excellent for recreational fun and games. This type of frisbee is made with hard plastic with a rounded edge making it ideal for catching.

On the other hand, discs used for disc golf are custom-made for the sport itself. Disc golf frisbees have many different variations for different types of throws, such as long-distance throws, short throws, throws that can turn left or right, etc.

Again, disc golf frisbees can come in many different types, such as putters, midrange drivers, and distance drivers. They are smaller compared to regular frisbees, but they are more rigid and more compact.

They are designed this way because the disc isn’t meant to be caught. It is more challenging because some disc golf courses have trees, rocks, and other obstacles that the frisbee might impact so you need great control over the disc.

They also have a relatively sharper edge making it somewhat dangerous should you attempt to catch it. The sharper edge also helps to make them more aerodynamic and thus have less air resistance.

Disc golf frisbees also fly differently from regular frisbees. Almost all regular frisbees share the exact same flight path. This is because a regular frisbees is intended to be caught – you’ll notice when you enter the world of disc golf that the discs all have ratings which help you understand how they have been designed to be thrown.

Final Thoughts

The most significant difference between a regular frisbee and a disc golf frisbee is how they are made for their purpose. Regular frisbees generally have the same flight path as they are meant to be played for games where you need to catch the frisbee. 

In contrast, disc golf frisbees are specifically designed for certain purposes. They can go straight and fast, they can curve right or left, and some can even turn in one direction then turn again to another direction. Some weigh more and are sturdier as they are meant to fly straight and stable.