How Much Does Disc Golf Cost?

Disc golf can be played recreationally or competitively, but one thing’s for sure, it’s always a blast. You can play disc golf for free or at a lower cost at different disc golf courses worldwide; all you need is a decent set of discs and a complete pack of golfing gear.

The average cost of getting started with disc golf is somewhere between $40 and $100. If you’re on a tight budget, you can get started for as little as $20. If you play free courses every week, you won’t have to pay at all for the entire year. Many amateur players play every month, and this, too, will cost you almost nothing on an annual basis. 

How Much Does It Cost to Play Disc Golf?

Installing disc golf courses is inexpensive, and playing the sport is often inexpensive. It all started when people started picking targets in the park and seeing the number of disc throws it took to reach them.

Baskets were eventually used as the objective for catching the disc. When disc golf discs were developed, the sport only continued to evolve since then.

Although most courses located in public areas are open for disc golfing, private courses will frequently charge green fees. This is especially the case for those private courses that operate with conventional golf courses.

Charging for rounds of disc golf is an excellent opportunity for distressed golf courses to generate income for maintenance. Some courses may have underutilized lands that need work. These fees generally provide the funding during the off-peak hours or seasons.

As stated by the Disc Golf Survey back in 2017, over 80% of disc golf players spend around $5 for every round of disc golf at some high quality and well-maintained courses.

What Will I Need to Play Disc Golf?

Like with any sport, you need the proper equipment if you want to play disc golf. Consider the following things if you’re eager to turn some long drives.

You will need a set of putters or discs.

Most disc golf sets come with a putter, a mid-range disc, and a driver, so you’ll be able to play right away. Buying discs in sets is usually less costly than buying them individually.

With that, there are decent sets available for both beginner and intermediate level players. You won’t have to think about various rating systems because the disks will be from the same manufacturer.

When purchasing the first disks, you can either buy individual discs or buy a disc package. At the very least, you’ll need three discs: the driver disc, a mid-range disc, and a putter.

When it comes to beginner sets, three main disc styles may be included. For example, the Kestrel Pro Golf Package is a good three-disc starter set with a pack.

On the other hand, the Innova Champion Set is a great starter set from a well-known brand, and you’ll definitely use these discs for years.

Innova Starter Set (3 Discs)

The perfect starter set for any beginner. Three great discs from one of the sports top brand will get you out and onto the course in no time at all!

You will also need a bag for your discs.

A tote bag is adequate, but it is no replacement for a disk bag with partitioning or separating compartments for discs. You may also prefer a bag with pockets for water bottles, towels, and snacks.

One good product for reference is the Discraft Weekender Disc Bag. It is a reasonably inexpensive but reliable choice for its compact design for holding up to 8 discs.

Discraft Weekender Bag

The perfect, cheap, bag to kick start your disc golf career! The weekender has plenty of space for your discs, marker and towel.

If you need a little more space, you can consider the lightweight and flexible Trooper Disc Golf Bag of the Dynamic Discs.

How Much Does a Disc Golf Course Cost?

We’ll presume the land is already usable, but that’ll be another high cost if it isn’t. For about $350 per hole, a barebones installation with natural tees, light-duty baskets, and plain wooden signs can be installed.

Then again, it’s not recommended to use courses with a do-it-yourself design for proper tournaments.

On a property with little clearing to do, a full-service community course with dual cement tee pads, a heavy-duty basket, good dual tee signs could have a cost leading up to $1000.00.

This package also includes the sleeves for every basket placement on each target. In addition to this is your design fee.

Suppose the course necessitates extensive fairway clearing through woods. In that case, the design fee could increase by $2000 to $3000 should you require the designer to supervise the construction and oversee the process.

If this is performed by outside contractors rather than park employees and volunteers, there could be an additional expense.

Lastly, it would be best to consider putting an information signboard to inform adjacent properties of the ongoing construction and clearing. In most cases, where little clearing is needed, a decent course can already be built for under $20,000.00.

Other Costs in Disc Golf


This kind of course can be built for less than the cost of all the targets or baskets. A nine-hole course can be had for under $3,000.

Installing a disc golf course is a relatively simple task that can often be completed with volunteer help from Eagle Scout programs and local disc golf organizations. Disc golfers with a lot of experience are almost always willing to help you design your course for free.

Basically, any of the courses with just a tee pad marked on the grass or dirt can be played. More suitable courses will, of course, invest in signages and tee pads.

That said, you can locate and hire some professional course designers if you want to make a commercial-standard and practical course. Moreover, courses used for the professional tournament level must have at least 18 holes.


Unlike conventional golf, disc golf needs very little maintenance. Courses built in public parks, for the most part, necessitate maintenance already being done for the facility.

In grassy areas, workers may do some occasional trimming around the areas surrounding the baskets to reduce any possible obstructions. The course can include rare trees and bushes trimming in rougher terrains and forest areas.

Final Thoughts

Disc golf can be fun and enjoyable, and starting this sport is relatively inexpensive. This makes it easy for anyone to engage in the sport and enjoy everything it has to offer.