Disc Golf- How to Drive- Throw Like a Pro

Being an avid disc golfer, I know how important it is to want to achieve a distance record like the professional players. Fortunately, there are things that you can learn to help you get more distance, accuracy, and consistency out of your drives.

You will get more distance and throw like a pro if you work on your footwork, grip, speed, and accuracy. All these aspects come in handy to help you throw a good distance that will increase the chances of your disc getting closer to the basket. Having a good throwing technique will help improve your distance on the course regardless of your skill level.

Effective Tips for Disc Golf Driving

When it comes to throwing disc like a pro, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you improve your throwing technique in no time.

Right Timing

Timing is very crucial when you are throwing a disc on a disc golf course. With the right timing during your throw, you can boost your average drive distance. The right timing involves proper coordination of your upper body and legs.

Make sure that your reach-back coincides with the area of your hip that is most turned. Before you pull your arm through, open up your hips so you can generate more power to throw straight ahead.

Work on your Footwork

Working on your footwork will help you gain distance with ease. It is important to know how and when to position your feet with each throw. This is what professional players call the ‘X Step.” For superior disc distance, the X step helps you to rotate and release your hips, something that beginners don’t do so well.

Also, leg strength is very important when it comes to attaining maximum disc distance. A great tip is to work on your leg muscles so you can achieve strength for your throws.

Improve Your Balance

Similarly, you need to work on your balance as this can affect your entire throw. Without proper balance, it’s impossible to achieve proper form, especially when you need to make long throws. Lack of proper balance can also affect your accuracy. To improve your balance on the disc golf course, consider doing balance and stability exercises. Working out on a balance ball can also come in handy.

Avoid Rounding

Rounding is something that both novices and experienced players do and may cause a lot of inconsistencies. As the name suggests, rounding is letting your throwing arm circularly go around your body. A proper technique is for your throwing arm to come straight back through the disc golf distance on a straight line.

You should avoid rounding because it causes early releases. Plus, it may affect your distance, though not much.

Improve Your Speed

Speed is key if you want to get more speed with each of your throws. Of course, speed and distance should not be your first concerns if you haven’t got the right throwing technique yet.

There are several ways to improve your speed and one of them is the towel drill. This drill involves whipping the towel pretty fast so as to snap it through the air. If it gives a snap sound, then you are doing a great job of working at your speed.


There is no denying that accuracy is more important than trying to achieve maximum distance. This is important to keep in mind when you are selecting your golf discs. Most discs that can go very fast like the Destroyer may be difficult to control, especially for beginners.

Therefore, if you have not yet mastered the art of throwing discs, you are better off with a mid-range or fairway driver than a distance driver.

A Good Grip is Vital

Knowing how to hold the disc in your hand goes a long way in helping you gain more feet on your drives. A proper grip should be neither too tight nor too loose. Make sure that the hold feels right in your hands and you are good to go.

Follow Through

Once you have released your disc, you need to follow through by allowing your body to continue turning with the momentum of the throw. After releasing, your arm must come through and point at your target.

While this may not seem to do much, it can help you achieve several feet on your throw. It also works to release tension on your hips, knees, shoulder, and lower back and prevent injuries.

Practice as Much as Possible

The saying that practice makes perfect couldn’t be any truer. Practice is the only way to improve your distance, footwork, and timing.

How Should Your Throw Distance Drivers?

The distance driver is very fast compared to the mid-range disc or the fairway drivers. It is a special kind of disc that has a flat, sharp edge that enables them to cut through the air and maintain high speed for an extended time.

Basically, you should throw the distance drivers when there is a lot of wind or where a fairway or midrange driver may not fight the wind well with a predictable flight path. A distance driver also works well when you want to attain maximum speed.

Besides, this disc comes in handy when you want to throw in areas with obstacles like trees. Thanks to its overstable properties, this driver can achieve a maximum fade compared to other discs.

When it comes to how you should throw the distance driver, you need to first ensure that you can get the driver up to speed. Being a high-speed driver, it is recommendable to use the power grip technique to help you throw the distance driver for power.

To achieve the power grip, place your thumb where the rim begins and then stack the other fingers together inside the rim. This will give you the power that you need to throw the distance driver.