Is It Possible to Play Disc Golf with One Disc?

If you’re an avid disc golf player, it may be unusual to think about using only one disc to play an entire game. After all, there are numerous types of discs you can choose from, and it’s more advisable to have at least three discs with you. Still, can you play disc golf with just one disc?

Overall, the answer is yes, you can play with only one disc, especially if you’re playing casually. In fact, many players choose to play with a single disc, as doing so helps improve their techniques and playing styles. It can also help develop crucial skills for disc golf, such as creating appropriate strategies, enhancing concentration, and resetting.

Advantages of Playing Disc Golf with One Disc

Better Technique and Form

One of the benefits of playing with only one disc is that you can improve your disc golf technique and form. This is because you need to switch to a slower putter or mid-range discs rather than quick drivers to see how your form and technique develop.

In fact, the first step in making your form and technique better is eliminating the need to go fast with drivers. After all, when you hold a driver, you will probably throw it more forcefully because you need to throw it more quickly.

In contrast, when you throw a putter or mid-range disc, you can concentrate more on the game’s mechanics. In addition, there is a broad range of flight paths for discs depending on the fade, weight, flight path, and the power needed to throw them.

Therefore, it can be challenging to determine if you throw well or not because you have to consider and change to various discs when you are practicing disc golf with multiple discs.

In this case, it is recommended to play with a single disc if you are just starting, then play with additional discs when you can already throw a disc accurately and consistently.

Strategy and Concentration

Aside from this, you can also level up your concentration and strategy with a single disc game. That is because you will not need numerous discs, so you do not need to think about distance, stability, and wind for each disc.

Instead, you can concentrate only on yourself and your disc and strategize how you will move from the tee pad to the basket. This is crucial because great strategy and concentration with each shot is needed to play well.

Relaxes Your Mind

Playing disc golf with only one disc can help clear your mind, especially if you have experienced missing putts, bad throws, or feeling the need to play better. With one disc, you can try resetting your game. 

For this, all you need to do is to grab any disc from your bag that you think will allow you to play better. Then, you go out in the field and use your disc to concentrate on every shot. Here, you can think of strategies for playing better, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you are there.

After all, even though disc golfing is more than having fun, you have to keep in mind that you started taking an interest in the sport because of that. Therefore, you can loosen up a bit more with a single disc game and give your 100% in the game, thereby effectively resetting your game.


Another benefit of this is that playing with one disc is more affordable. In fact, depending on where you purchase your disc, the price range can be around $10 to $25. In contrast, you will likely need to pay $100 to $250 if you get ten discs.

So, for around $12, you can play disc golf easily with a mid-range disc. Moreover, if you just started playing, you don’t really need a modern or expensive disc. In fact, you can practice with a frisbee if you do not want to spend a cent.


You might have seen players carrying or strolling large bags full of discs, which can be heavy and bulky. Therefore, another benefit of playing with a single disc is that having one disc weighs less. Of course, the playing style in disc golf varies from person to person.

In this case, if you prefer to play light, it’s best to have fewer discs since doing so can make it more convenient and easier to bring along your disc golf equipment.

Tips for Playing Disc Golf with One Disc

Imagine As If You Are in a Tournament

When you practice in the field with one disc, it can be easy to think that you are playing casually. However, suppose you want to maximize the benefits of playing with a single disc. In that case, it’s recommended to imagine that you are playing competitively at a disc golf tournament.

By doing so, you can make the most out of your solo disc practice because you can figure out and create strategies at a higher level.

Get Creative

Aside from this, you can also try various lines and put yourself in areas where you do not usually practice. After all, being creative in the field can help you develop your scrambling skills in the game.

For instance, you can discover putter techniques that work better for you than driver techniques. So, by practicing different methods, you can be more prepared for any unexpected situation during the game.

Using All-Around Discs

When you play disc golf with one disc, you will want to choose all-around discs for your game. This is because all-around discs are ideal for driving, putting, and approaching, among many others.

Unfortunately, many new players go for the driver disc automatically, which can cause problems with single disc games. After all, drivers are designed for distance, so it can be more challenging to make accurate throws.

Moreover, a putter with a driver is not recommended. Because drivers are for distance, you will likely miss long, and a second putt can be more challenging if you do not hit the cage.

So, when playing with one disc, it’s best to keep your drivers and choose a fantastic all-purpose mid-range or putter disc. In this case, you can pick any mid-range or putter disc you prefer as long as you like to play with it, and you can throw it well in different situations.

Overall, the disc you choose should be stable and has enough weight so that the disc will not go off the course in case you miss it.

The Best Time to Play with Multiple Discs

Once you become more familiar with all the different disc golf discs, it will be easier for you to choose a new disc and learn it more quickly. In this case, you can move on from playing solo disc games to using different discs in one game.

After all, if you want to be better at this sport or play it professionally, you need to level up your gameplay by learning how to use different discs.

If you’re unsure where to start, you can ask your friends what discs they prefer throwing and ask permission from them if you can try throwing their preferred discs yourself. This is an excellent way to determine what discs you can add.

Of course, you still have to remember that a disc flies differently, depending on who is throwing it. So, keep in mind that the way your friends throw the disc can differ from the way you throw it.


Finally, you know that you can play disc golf with only one disc. Doing so provides an excellent opportunity to hone your disc golf skills, rediscover your passion, and reset your disc golf strategies.

Moreover, playing with one disc is vital if you want to be good at playing disc golf since doing so can help you train and improve your gameplay.

Then, when you start considering playing more serious games, you can choose to use more discs to add versatility to your gameplay. With that said, hopefully, all the points given here can help you be better at this sport.