Can you Change Darts During a Game?

Every sport has rules to follow. Some of them may be unspoken or unwritten while others are explicitly provided in the rules. Indeed, it is truly hard to decipher a rule that wasn’t even there. This is why many players are confused whether they are violating any rules or not.

So if you ask, “Can I change my darts mid-game?,” If your darts become damaged, or if agreed with all players and officials you may change your darts during a game.

Before anything else, you must know that whatever is not written in the rules is construed as non-existent. Like in a legal standpoint, there is a principle called “There is no crime when there is no law punishing it.” For instance, there are no rules in the game of darts that prohibit a player to change darts during a match.

Don’t be nervous to ask the officiating officials to change your darts. There are a lot of reasons why you should replace their darts with a new one. It could either be damaged, the flight is broken, or you simply need to.

If you are a beginner and still confused about the rules, this article may be helpful for you.

When Is a Player Allowed to Change Darts During a Match?

When it becomes damaged during the game

This is a no-brainer. You can change or replace your damaged dart or any dart equipment during the game. Before the start of the game, it is a rule that the darts of each player are not broken or damaged. The officials of the game see to it that equipment is inspected to ensure that the game would turn out fine.

You may call the officiating official of the game to have your darts inspected. If proven to be damaged, it is only then you would be allowed to change your dart.

Moreover, it is also proper etiquette to inform the opponents before changing your darts. This is to ensure him that you are honestly playing the game and not violating any rules.

Until your score is recorded

You might be in a hurry to change your darts mid-game. You think your dart is being unlucky and you want to have it change right away. Well, that would be a risky move. In all sports, the score is a king. It is the only thing that matters in all types of games. Therefore, to respect the integrity of the game, wait until your score is counted before you change your darts.

When the dart flight become damaged or broken

Dart flight plays an important role in your performance. It assures you that the flight will travel straight to its destination. However, its main purpose in the game would not be possible if it becomes damaged. A damaged dart flight is most common during a match than when you’re playing at home.

Any signs that your dart flight is damaged would require its replacement. Even if it doesn’t seem to be damaged but you feel like it’s not moving straight to the board, you can have it replaced. Having your dart or the dart flight changed will ensure your good performance in the tournament.

As long as both players agree

While etiquette in darts is more of function and form, it is best to exercise good manners during the match. Without good manners, you may succumb to chaos while the tournament is ongoing. If you wish to change dart during the game, ask your opponent about it. 

In darts, there is a rule that a dart that landed on the board should not be touched until it’s the opponents turn to throw darts. It is the machine that will recognize that the “Player Change” is already activated. But an exception to this rule is when you and your opponents agree to remove the darts.

It is safe to say that you can change your darts only if necessary as long as both parties agree. Always practice being honest then all of your hard work will pay off whether you win or lose.

When it’s not your turn to throw

Changing your darts would require permission from the officiating officials, any teammates, and opponents. It may also require time to fix your dart or dart flight. These instances would mean that you are subconsciously or consciously delaying the game. If you need to fix your dart, it is okay, but make sure that you don’t do it to delay, annoy, or distract your opponent.

Some players do this tactic to ruin the focus of the opponent. There’s also called a “phantom dart” that most players do during a match. In this situation, a player is acting as if he is throwing an invisible dart when it’s the opponent’s turn to play. This is not prohibited but this is bad etiquette because this could annoy or distract your opponent.

When it is your opponent’s time to play, hurry up, and fix everything you need to fix. Change your darts and don’t make any delays. Even if you are already winning the game, it’s okay to celebrate, but don’t make the other player wait for you. Remember that having good etiquette is always the key.

Final Thoughts

Darts are the most important equipment in all of your dart matches. This will dictate your wins and losses. However, it’s normal that through excitement or some unfortunate event, you will have it broken or damaged. When this situation arises, always have a backup plan.

There are no rules in the game of darts that prohibit you to change your darts. As such, you can change them whenever necessary. If your darts are visibly broken or don’t travel straight to the board anymore, go change them with a new set.