Should My Dart Spin When I Throw?

For avid darts players like myself, darts is a more complex game than one might think. After all, even the act of throwing a dart entails intense preparation to ensure it lands where you need or intend it to. Still, one of the age-old questions that many darts players are divided on is whether a dart should spin or not when you throw it.

So, should your dart spin when you throw it? It’s considered okay if darts spin when you throw it at the board, mainly if it occurs naturally due to your grip and release. However, most experts recommend that players avoid intentionally spinning their darts during throws because it can affect their aim and the accuracy of their shots.

Is It Okay If Darts Spin When You Throw Them?

As mentioned, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the topic of spinning darts during throws because some players have a unique way of throwing their darts that cause them to spin in flight.

In fact, as long as your grip is comfortable and you don’t experience issues when releasing the dart, it’s okay if it spins mid-air. This is especially true for players whose method of releasing darts puts a natural spin on the dart, regardless of its type.

However, for players whose release doesn’t typically include a spin, intentionally doing so can do more harm than good, especially for your aim and accuracy. This is because adding a spin to your dart can introduce many issues and inconsistencies in your throws, which can significantly affect how you play.

After all, darts rely on a player’s skill, aim, and accuracy to ensure that their shots land where they need them to, especially in tournaments. Intentionally making your darts spin when you throw can introduce unexpected variables that would be more difficult to control.

As a result, most experts and professional players recommend eliminating as much extra movement as possible to ensure your shots land exactly where you meant them to.

Why Do Darts Spin When You Throw Them?

So, why do darts spin in the first place? One of the factors that could introduce a spin to your darts mid-air is when your thumb and fingers don’t leave the dart simultaneously when you release it.

Another possible reason is that you’re gripping the dart in the wrong places, such as the top and bottom of your dart’s barrel instead of the sides. Your darts may also be spinning when you throw because you don’t have the proper foot stance, or your arms aren’t correctly aligned when you throw.

In addition, other factors can also affect how your darts act in flight, such as the weight, angle and overall strength of your throw, and point of release.

Again, a spinning dart isn’t much of a problem if that’s how it usually is. Still, if your dart is suddenly spinning when you throw it, it’s best to identify what’s causing it. Doing so will allow you to address this issue and prevent you from getting inaccurate shots.

How to Eliminate the Spin on Your Darts

Although some players, like the legendary Phil Taylor, prefer to put a spin on their darts during release, it’s still ideal if you removed any unnecessary movements that can affect the trajectory of your dart.

So, how can you eliminate the spin on your darts? Check out the following tips below.

Correct Your Grip

When releasing your darts, your grip beforehand should be firm and stable enough to keep it in place but not so much so that your muscles are tense. Therefore, your grip should be solid but still comfortable to ensure that you won’t add unnecessary spins to your darts due to tension.

Maintaining a firm but still relaxed hold on your dart can give you a higher level of control over it that can help you make more accurate shots.

Adopt the Proper Stance

Your stance is another factor that can affect your throws and add unnecessary spins. Therefore, it’s best to adopt a proper stance when you play to avoid inaccuracy.

For this, it’s ideal if the foot you place in front carries most of the weight of your body while the foot left behind retains enough weight to keep you balanced. However, the general rule of thumb is to ensure that you’re standing correctly and not making any unnecessary movements.

When you lean, make sure you don’t lean too much forward or backward because this can affect just how balanced your throws are.

Keep Your Elbow Steady

Of course, when throwing a dart, your elbow will move slightly. However, what’s most important to keep in mind is that it’s not making unnecessary movements, such as swinging, that can affect how you throw your darts.

In addition, you should also ensure that your arm is aligned when you throw and keep it steady to avoid putting a spin on your darts and changing their trajectory.

Ensure a Natural Release

Next, you should ensure that your body is relaxed but alert to ensure a more natural throw when releasing the dart. Doing so will eliminate unnecessary movements such as spins that can affect your dart’s trajectory towards the board.

Final Thoughts

Overall, some darts naturally spin because of the player’s unique stance and throw. Still, as long as it doesn’t affect the accuracy of their shots, it’s considered acceptable. However, most professionals and experts would recommend avoiding intentionally adding a spin to your throws because doing so can affect your performance as a player.

Therefore, if you want more precise shots when playing darts, it’s best to eliminate any unnecessary movements as possible to ensure you have more control over the release of your darts. So, adopt a proper grip and stance and work on perfecting your throws.

Of course, perfecting your gameplay is a lot easier said than done, and improvements don’t happen overnight. So, even if you’re already a skilled darts player, it’s still best if you keep on practicing and working on your throwing techniques.