How Much Does a Disc Golf Set Cost?

Disc golf is an exciting sport because you do not have to spend much to enjoy it, especially on disc golf sets. Continue reading to know more about how much a disc golf set is.

The question is, how much is a disc golf set? For a low-priced disc golf set, they can cost you between $10 to $20. You get 3 discs, but a carrying bag is usually not included. Even though they are more affordable, many companies make dependable disc golf sets. Mid-range ones may cost from $20 to $40 which can include 9 or more discs with various types. The package may include accessories such as mini discs or a carrying bag. The high-end sets are priced from $40 to $60. You can consider this disc golf set if you plan to play with many people.

Our Recommended Disc Golf Set

The CROWN ME starter set provides every beginner with the perfect mix of discs to get you started, it also has a carry bag, throw marker and towel to get you started!

Considerations When Buying a Disc Golf Set


Driver discs play a crucial role in determining the angle where you will throw and all of your strokes. Since you usually make a few steps, your power comes from your arm, wrist, hips, legs, and torso. Therefore, you have to make sure that your driver has the best speed ratings so that you can throw it with the most power.

Mid-Range Discs

Mid-range discs are normally used when you approach the basket. Nevertheless, you can also use them for shorter hole drives. It is best to bring a mid-range disc if you can only bring one. Mid-range discs can function differently and have various weights, turns, and flight paths. Control is what mid-range discs are all about, so this is what you need to check for these discs.


Putters are made to drop fast and fly straight. Therefore, your putter must be the most predictable and reliable disc you have. Even though some putters are made for short drives for mid-range throws, players, especially beginners, should choose putters that are easy to throw straight in a shot and drop directly into the basket. Since many putters are designed for the same use, there are not as many options. Nevertheless, it is recommended to pick the one that has the feel, flight, and weight that you want.

Mini Discs

Mini discs are small discs usually made from clear plastic. Some sets have mini discs. Though they are nice to have, they are not ideal for short-distance throwing. Similar to traditional golf, they are designed to mark your place.

Features of a Disc Golf Set


Most disc golf sets have 3 discs. You get a driver, mini-disc, and putter discs. There are sets where you can get extra discs with various molds which gives you more choices on how to play. Though sets that have extra discs have a good price, it is better to stick to the basic 3-disc set except if you want to play with many people. A few discs can help when starting since you can gain a better understanding of the usage of your discs in different situations and their flight paths and behavior. After that, you can buy more discs when you figure out your needs and preferences.

Plastic and Weight

Golf disc sets have various plastic blends which make the discs heavy, firm, light, or soft. Unfortunately, knowing the best material and blend of discs are a mystery, it is a well-hidden secret of manufacturers. What you can do is research the weight, performance, and feel of different discs.

Many manufacturers use different plastic types, but you can utilize them in the same mold. Therefore, they can make various versions of the same disc. The shape and mold of the disc are the same, but the material makes the behavior and feel different. If you want more control, it is best to opt for rubber or grippy plastic. You can try heavy plastic that will not be easily taken away by wind gusts if you have a good upper body. If you are a beginner, you can go for flexible plastic since it is the most comfortable.


Although it is possible to carry a few discs in a single hand, it will be more convenient for you if you have a carrying bag for them. A good carrying bag can hold not only discs but also a rag and water bottle. If you can choose, pick a bag that can be opened at the top so that you can access your discs more easily.

Where to Purchase a Disc Golf Set

There are many choices on where you can purchase a disc golf set. You can check out the ones from Amazon. They have great choices of disc golf sets there since you can find virtually any disc golf brand. Nevertheless, before checking out a disc golf set, it is best to do your research on disc golf specialty websites. You can see the recommended choice for discs and a lot of reviews about various discs. You can also check if you can get better deals from other brands.

Some neighborhoods have small disc specialty stores. Going to physical stores can be better because you get advice from the experts in the game. If there is one near you, you better visit that store. Aside from learning expert advice, you can also determine the actual handling and grip of the discs in the set. If there is none, you can always buy a set online since it can be rare that there are disc golf shops in many areas. Moreover, when buying a set, keep in mind that every brand has its strengths and weaknesses.

Now, you have a better understanding of how much a disc golf set is. Aside from that, you know how to find the ones perfect for you and where you can purchase them. Disc golf sets can last for many years even with regular use. Having more than 3 discs is good, but bringing 3 discs with you is reliable enough.