The Dartboard – Everything You Need to Know

Darts and a dartboard are the most critical components in a darts game. However, compared to darts, a dartboard has more variety. This is because the early darts were short spears or knives that became barrel-shaped more quickly, which became the standard shape of darts ever since.

On the other hand, there is plenty more to explore for dartboards due to the numerous changes they have undergone throughout the years. With that said, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about dartboards.


In the beginning, dartboards were made from a piece of wood with uneven sections. These were used for tracking accuracy and standardizing scoring. However, dartboards had a major transition because of archery boards. In fact, this was the time that standards of dart competitions started to develop.

In this case, during The Great War, many English pubs stopped using a solid elm dartboard. This type of dartboard needed to be soaked every night to close any holes made during the game. Doing so allows it to become ready again by morning.

However, people started looking for other board options because the process was too time-consuming and messy. Because of this, they started turning to other materials to create dartboards.

While many believe horsehair was used to make dartboards, this isn’t actually the case. In fact, they never used animal hair to replace wood. However, this has become the standard for their production, so companies still strive to mimic horse or pig hair to make dartboards.

What Dartboards Are Made Of


Cork is a common material for lower-quality dartboards because it’s lightweight and affordable. However, cork dartboards tend to wear out quickly, making them not reliable for heavy-duty dart games.

In addition, competitive dart players also don’t use cork dartboards for the same reason. However, this can be an excellent choice if you simply want to play darts but have a tight budget.


Aside from cork, wound paper is used in making dartboards across the globe. Sheets of this paper are coiled to create the striking surface of the dartboard. So, because of its unique properties, the dart quickly embeds itself in the layers of paper when thrown.

However, the dart point can cause the material to rip, which cannot be repaired. Paper dartboards are not recommended for serious games since they are not durable.

Sisal Fibers

Sisal Fibers are the sturdy and stiff fibers that come from the Agave Sisalana plant. Because of their durability, many industries use these fibers to create various materials, like cloth, paper, and dartboards.

For dartboards, the sisal fibers are turned into long bundles of braids. Then, these braids are used to create tubes. After this, the tubes are cut thinly, pressed, and shaped in a circular form, secured by a sturdy backboard.

Lastly, the board is sanded down to remove any remaining coarse fibers. Overall, dartboards made from this material are often durable and can withstand heavy-duty games. However, only steel tip darts work with them.


Because of technological advancements, players can now play darts with electronic dartboards usually made from plastic.

In this case, compared to traditional bristled fiber dartboards, electronic dartboards offer more convenience. This is because they have pre-programmed features such as numerous scoring options for different kinds of dart games.

However, they also tend to be the most expensive. Aside from this, players are also limited to using soft-tipped darts to avoid damaging the board. In addition, the darts are also at a higher risk of bouncing out since the striking surface is made with numerous small holes.

Things to Look for in Dartboards

Number Ring

When looking for dartboards, it’s highly recommended to find one that can be easily rotated. However, this is only possible if it has a detachable number ring.

Spinning a dartboard is essential to ensure that all parts stay in good condition and prevent them from quickly wearing out.

This is because when you rotate your dartboard, you give the material of the dartboard enough time to recover. After all, you will likely hit the same parts of your dartboard if you cannot rotate it.

Moreover, your sisal dartboard will become dry and hard over time if you keep hitting the same spots. So, rotating your board is essential if you want your dartboard to last and enjoy more games with it.

Composite Edge

If you want a modern and better-looking dartboard, you need to check its composite edge. Aside from giving your board a better and more aesthetic appearance, an excellent composite edge can make your board easier to rotate since it helps adjust the ring correctly.

Ink Used

Another aspect that people overlook when picking dartboards is the ink quality used in coloring the different parts of the board. In this case, food-grade eco-friendly inks often have the best results on dartboards.

After all, this kind of ink is absorbed well by the board’s different fibers. Moreover, these inks tend to be more visible because of the more vibrant colors and low glare. Not only is food-grade eco ink more visible, but it’s also safe and environmentally friendly.

In contrast, low-quality ink has a high glare, which can negatively affect how you play, as it can make it more difficult to see where you’re aiming.

Bullseye and Wiring Without Staples

Some good dartboards have bullseye and wiring without staples. This is notable because bounce-outs are more common for dartboards that have stapled wirings.

Moreover, staples are worse for the bullseye area because the added obstruction makes playing darts more difficult. However, you have to remember that dartboards advertised as having a staple-free bullseye do not mean that they are entirely staple-free.

So, try looking for dartboards that are completely staple-free since the fewer staples they have, the fewer the possibilities of experiencing bounce-outs.


Some dartboards can also come with accessories such as a cover or cabinet, darts, and a throwing line marker. These can be helpful for players, especially if they’re only starting to play darts.

For example, a cabinet can be helpful because it can store your darts, board, and scoreboard neatly. Aside from this, it also provides some protection to the wall. In addition, a cover also offers wall protection when you are playing.

Wall Bracket

The most commonly asked question people have about dartboards is how to install them properly. However, before learning how to hang one correctly, you need to search for dartboards that come with brackets for easier mounting.

With that said, most dartboards have a bracket located in the middle of the board. With a center bracket, you can rotate your dartboard more easily.

Thickness and Density

If you’re considering getting a sisal dartboard, it’s best also to check its overall thickness and density. In this case, the proper density for this dartboard is not too high or low. This is so that darts can penetrate the surface better.

As a result, there are fewer bounce-outs and falling darts. Moreover, it’s best to keep in mind that even though most quality dartboards have an excellent thickness, they might not have the same regard for density.


In general, poor-quality dartboards often lack proper sanding. This is crucial because dartboards are smoothened in various directions so that the board will have a more even surface.

In addition, how good the sanding of your dartboard is can determine the self-recovery ability of sisal. So, with good sanding, your dartboard will likely last longer.


Similar to other products, a high-quality dartboard should also have a good warranty. This shows how confident the manufacturer is with the product, and you get what you expect from the product.

However, keep in mind that different dartboards have different warranties, so you need to carefully check and understand their coverage.


All these reminders about dartboards are great, but the dartboard you will get likely depends on your budget. Overall, with dartboards, you can expect the quality to be the same as their price.

Fortunately, darts are not as expensive as other sports. In fact, most players can get the same equipment that serious players use without breaking the bank.

Moreover, although the quality is your priority, this doesn’t mean that you have to get the most expensive dartboard. In fact, you can find dartboards that cost less than $50.

Considerations in Choosing a Dartboard

People Who Will Use It

When picking a dartboard, it’s crucial to consider the people who will play using the dartboard. In this case, their ages and skills in the game are essential.

For example, if children are playing, the recommended choice will be a velcro dartboard since it’s fun but still safe. Aside from being safe for kids, velcro dart boards can also last for many years.

Alternatively, magnetic dartboards also are excellent options for children. Moreover, they look more realistic compared to velcro dartboards. However, they are still safe since no pointed darts will be used. Nonetheless, it’s still better to supervise kids who play using them.

On the other hand, if you are just starting, your best option is a bristle dartboard and darts with steel tips. After all, this dartboard is excellent for all skill levels.

Where the Dartboard Will Be Installed

If you want to play darts inside your home, you need to consider this aspect carefully. After all, darts with steel tips can break your floor and wall. In addition, bounce-outs are inevitable even for experienced players, so you need to ensure to install your board where you won’t worry about the wall and floors being damaged.

Moreover, if you live with other people, you need to ensure that your dartboard does not make much noise. So, make sure to install your dartboard in an area where you and your friends can comfortably play without disturbing other people.

Who Will Keep the Score

Playing darts is also excellent for your brain’s functioning because it can hone your skills in math due to the calculations involved. However, some players don’t really want to trouble themselves with that or don’t like the idea of combining math with the sport.

If this is the case, going for an electronic dartboard can be the ideal option. After all, this dartboard tracks the score automatically, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the score while you play.

Still, it’s best to remember that some experienced dart players have lost because of the absence of calculations in their strategy. So, although electronic dartboards provide convenience, being unaware of how many points you need left can affect your game strategy.

The Number of People Playing

You also need to consider just how many people are playing since you will need a board that can accommodate more players.

In this case, an electronic dartboard is highly recommended if you plan to play darts for fun, such as playing with your friends or relaxing alone after a long day at work.

This is because electronic dartboards offer players various game modes and variations. Because of this, you can accommodate as many players as you want whenever you play.

Aside from this, as mentioned, these dartboards will take care of keeping track of the score for you. In addition, for bounce-outs, electronic dartboards can still track the point. This is great since the darts can still be used even if they are a bit bent or damaged.

However, the only downside to electronic dartboards is that they tend to be more costly than other types of dartboards. Moreover, you’ll be playing with soft-tipped darts since steel-tipped darts can damage the board’s surface.


Darts is a great game, so it is highly recommended to understand one of its critical components. All the different types of dartboards have advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you to determine which one suits your playing needs.

Overall, it would be best if you took the time to find the perfect balance of function, quality, and price when searching for a dartboard. In this case, the perfect dartboard is the one that you see yourself using regularly.